teak garden bench on a patio

why buy a teak garden bench..

Leave the hustle and bustle of work behind us and head out into the garden! Simply by sitting on a teak garden bench, whether its for five minutes or longer, gives us time to refocus ourselves.

Take 5 on your Teak Garden Bench

We are the generation who are non stop, the ones who lead busy lives and who rarely stop but what if we did? What if we just took some little moments out of our lives to sit and take in the nature in our own garden. Whilst not always at the forefront of our minds, a teak garden bench can provide us with an invaluable place to sit. Somewhere to collect our thoughts and take in the world around us.

Teak garden benches come in a whole range of sizes and designs. There really is something to suit all tastes and all spaces. Buying a hardwood bench, such as teak, will give decades of seating pleasure with little to no maintenance. Always look out for Green Leaf or FSC to make sure the wood is ethically sourced and sustainable.

Garden Benches – Not just a place to sit

When we think of a teak garden bench we probably don’t think much more than a place to sit. However, they are an invaluable piece of furniture. Whether it is for single use or even for a few of you to have a gossip on, socialise and maybe even have a few drinks in summer with family and friends.

Creating an outdoor space with seating and table facilities can create almost another room. An extension of your home and in summertime this space can truly be utilised and enjoyed by all – even the dog! Although whether you let them on the furniture that’s at your discretion!

Speak to an expert today about buying a traditionally joined, ethically sourced high quality garden bench. A truly lasting, durable and practical addition.

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