how much do memorial benches cost

memorial benches – how much do they cost?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get asked is how much are memorial benches. The overall cost of a memorial bench will depend on a number of factors. We will use this particular blog to outline items to consider that impact the final price of memorial benches.

Materials used in Memorial Benches

Some manufacturers use cheaper woods like iroko, oak, pine, eucalyptus and mahogany to try and cut costs. The finest benches are constructed from solid Teak. Accepted in the industry as the most durable wood for outdoor use. Plantation Teak wood must be dried and manufactured to the highest and exacting standards. Older higher grade teak wood will be naturally rich in silica and rubber. This quality of teak will not require and any after market finish.

Flat Pack Memorial Benches

Be aware of buying flat packed Memorial Benches or those made with cheap glues. Wood naturally expands and contracts when left outside in the UK. If they are not joined securely they will, after a few seasons, wobble and fail.

All Garden Benches should be Polyurethane glued and teak dowelled then clamped for 24 hours to ensure that there is no movement in the construction. This is an expensive and time consuming process. Without it you will not achieve 25+ years of use. So the question is. Are you prepared to invest in high grade teak wood made to last or cheaper alternatives which won’t last?

Final Location Of Memorial Benches

Placing a memorial bench in your own home or garden has no additional cost. Placing a bench in public place requires permission from the relevant authority. Different councils and authorities will have different schemes in place. Some you pay on a yearly basis to cover maintenance costs. Some you buy the bench through the council. All will charge various fees. There is no set price. Always contact your local Parks & Open Spaces prior to buying your bench.

Engraving Memorial Benches

There are two options for personalising your memorial bench. Wood engraving or plaque inscription. Depending on what you choose the cost will vary. A simple small stainless steel or brass plaque inscribed will cost around £45. A personalised wood text engraving is around £60. And carving a simple image into the wood will cost around £20.

Accessories for your Memorial Bench

If it’s a garden bench memorial then consider adding some colour and comfort with a cushion. To slow down the natural ageing process you can invest in a protective cover. If you place your bench in a public place then you may consider investing in security fixings.

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