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A well designed and sturdy wooden commercial bench is ideal for high traffic areas whilst still retaining that traditional look. Although many commercial benches look the same on photographs, there are many variations in design and construction. To ensure longevity, make sure they have the following attributes;

Why Teak Wood For A Commercial Bench?

Industry acknowledged as the best timber for outdoor wooden furniture. A commercial bench gets its longevity from the naturally occurring high levels of oil and silica. A well established and reputable manufacturer will have access to a reliable supply of aged, quality teak wood. This is the foundation of a long lasting bench.

Heavy Gauge Framework

Although pictures of a commercial bench on the internet appear to look the same, there are many major differences. Teak wooden benches found in DIY chains often have a 4cm x 4cm frame work to keep costs down. Heavier 5cm x 5cm frameworks form the basis of quality, lasting benches whils still being portable. Moving up, to 6cm x 6cm and even 8cm x 8cm framework are often manufactured by bench specialists. These will endure heavy traffic in public places and last decades.

Commercial Bench Design

Always check there are additional structural timber runners under the seat. This gives extra support when benches are stood on or laden with heavy weight. Traditional seat slats tend to run left to right across the bench. A more comfortable design is to have them shorter and run them front to back.

Superior Construction

A Commercial Bench should be made from high grade teak which is expensive to source. Avoid buying flat pack or self assembly. Benches assembled with screws and bolts will never last as long as professionally glued ones. Cheap benches are cheap for a reason.

Expensive Glues

You can cut corners and costs with cheap glue. Your Commercial Bench should be glued using expensive branded polyurethane expanding foam. It should be clamped over night and traditionally teak dowelled to ensure joints cant work loose and then fail.

No Coloured Finish

Be wary of a buying a commercial bench that has a stained or coloured finish. High quality teak wood needs nothing but a fine sand. No teak oils, danish oils or varnish should be present. This can be a sign of disguising cheaper cuts of wood.

Commercial Bench From Sustainable Sources

How do you ensure you are buying a hardwood bench from a sustainable source? Teak wood will carry either a GreenLeaf certificate or an FSC certificate. Both marks give you peace of mind that the timber used is from responsible sources and legal.


With all the above factors taken into account, a commercial bench should be long lasting! Buying online can be a minefield. Where possible;

Visit a showroom to feel and touch the quality.

Buy from an established business

Pick up the phone and speak to a member of staff

Look for a 10 year structural guarantee to give you complete peace of mind

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