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When people create a memorial bench for their loved ones, what they do not see is that in fact they create public works of art. At face value they are crafted physical objects. More often than not engraved with text, placed in significant locations special to the deceased or their family. But what is so fascinating is the journey a memorial bench takes . From the specific details required by the family to the invitation of an emotional reaction that they evoke from complete strangers.

A Memorial Bench helps heal the pain

The loss of a loved one is a pain like no other. It’s not always physical but it is there. We often struggle to comprehend how our life may continue without the lost ones presence. However, we take steps to ensure their last moments are remembered and that every little detail is perfect and fitting. The details of every memorial bench we create are always sensitive and emotional. Every family has stories to tell. Even though we might not always meet them, we feel like we have been given an insight into the personal elements.

Whilst simple memorial benches are always a popular choice we are fascinated by the journey it takes. The process taken by family and friends in order to organise an engraving that is personal. More often than not in the moments of darkness, light and creativity is allowed to step forward. We see family members who previously had little to say come up with some of the most beautiful words. These words form the story of the engravings that then stand in place from the initial thought to paper. From paper to bench to then being read by those who stop.

Strangers taking time to read your Memorial Bench

The journey that a memorial bench can take us on is so special. Once the bench is completed it never really leaves our mind. The words stay with us in our minds and more often than not we will refer or associate these with that said person. When a complete stranger can take something from words written on a memorial bench and base them on their own fears, desires and experiences that truly is something special.

From design specifics, engraving, placement to the end enjoyment the commemorative bench provides the journey. This process is a great way in which many of us can find inner peace.

Walking to a memorial bench of a loved one and seeing strangers reading the words and taking a moment to remember your loved, one really does provide some comfort along the rest of your journey without them here on earth in your life.

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