a garden bench memorial with engraving on the top rail

garden bench memorial, beautiful and lasting

This blog will introduce a garden bench memorial and a guide to buying one. The UK is now entering into the 4th week of self-isolation. To help relieve the NHS of spikes in capacity and reduce admissions we must social distance. As tough as these times are, we have also been finding there are lots of positives experiences to be had. Time with your children, a sense of local community and love. Self-reflection, talking with family and friends to name but a few.

It’s also been a time to reconnect with outdoors and nature. Understanding that you could be self-isolating for a number of months more, planning and placing your Memorial Bench in a public place is not really a viable option.

Instead, why not enjoy your bench in the safety and sanctuary of your own garden. When the time is right, transfer it into to its final resting place. Time spent on our personalised benches can bring many positives to what can seem very dark and gloomy times.

Garden Bench Memorial Quality

No matter which garden bench memorial you decide on, you must always look for the highest levels of quality and workmanship. Traditionally joined, solid teak memorial benches are understood to last a lifetime. Only the best will do when it comes to remembering your loved ones.

Garden Bench memorials prices start from as little as £295.00, including a personalised engraved solid brass plaque. Nationwide will be in a matter of days.

engraved memorial benches and commemorative benches
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