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The most cherished moments happen when friends get together, so why not celebrate those special moments with a beautiful friendship bench.

A Harvard Medical School study of 5,000 people over 20 years found that one person’s happiness spreads through their social group up to 3 degrees of separation. This effect lasts as long as a year! So, if a friend of yours is happy, we are more likely to be happy too!

Sustainable Wood for a Friendship Bench

An ethically sourced teak friendship bench is a fantastic way to celebrate your friendship. This will give you peace of mind that the hardwoods used in constructing your bench are from sustainable sources. Somewhere to sit, laugh, reminisce, rejoice and make even more of those cherished memories.

Friendship Bench Quality

In order for a friendship bench to last the test of time, it needs to be crafted carefully and thoughtfully.

Choosing the best cuts of teak wood is essential. The higher the quality of wood, the higher the content of natural oils and silica. This will give your bench years of use. Always opt for benches that have been professionally assembled in the UK with high quality polyurethane glues. Make sure they are finished with teak dowels so they wont wobble and break. You should also check the weight of the bench and the frame size. This should be a minimum of 5cm x 5cm. If you buy from a diy chain, the benches are cheap for a reason!

Friendship Bench Engraving

Benches for a friend should be special and unique. It is worth shopping around to find a company that takes great pride in the personalisation of your bench. One that offers unique custom engraved designs on both benches and plaques. Find a company that are always happy to work with their customers on their own ideas to make their friendship bench a truly bespoke piece of furniture. There are no right or wrong engravings only the words that are right for you.

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